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Deluxe Saddlebag Bundle for Yamaha Motorcycles


Includes The Leatherworks saddlebag, Easy Brackets (see fitment options below), and Easy Tote. Made from 10 oz US-sourced leather.

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111 - 12 x 13 x 7 (or) 112 - 12 x 14 x 7 (or) 128 - 12 x 16 x 7

Easy Brackets Fitment

YMA-R1 – V-Star 1100 Classic and Custom
YMA-R1BR – V-Star 1100 Classic and Custom with backrest
YMA-R4 – V-Star 1300
YMA-R4BR – V-Star 1300 with backrest
YMA-R4DB – V-Star with Yamaha detachable backrest
YMA-R4CBR – V-Star 1300 with Cobra backrest
YMA-R4PDB – V-Star 1300 with Paladin detachable backrest
V950-R1 – V-Star 950
V950-R1BR – V-Star 950 with Yamaha hard mount backrest
V950-R1DB – V-Star 950 with Yamaha detachable backrest
V950-R1CBR – V-Star 950 with Cobra backrest
YMA-R2 – Royal Star and Road Star 1600/1700
YMA-R2BR – Royal Star and Road Star 1600/1700 with backrest
YMA-R2DB – Royal Star and Road Star 1600/1700 with detachable backrest
YMA-R2CBR – Royal Star and Road Star 1600/1700 with Cobra backrest
YMA-R3 – Roadliner/Stratoliner
YMA-R3BR – Roadliner/Stratoliner with backrest
YMA-R3DB – Roadliner/Stratoliner with Yamaha quick detach backrest
YMA-R3CBR – Roadliner/Stratoliner with Cobra backrest
WAR-R1 – Warrior
WAR-R1BR – Warrior with backrest
WAR-R1MCBR – Warrior with MC Enterprises backrest
WAR-R1CWBR – Warrior with Custom World backrest
Y650-CL – V-Star 650 Classic
Y650-CLBR – V-Star 650 Classic with backrest
Y650-CU – V-Star 650 Custom
Y650-CUBR – V-Star 650 Custom with backrest
YMA-R5 – Raider
YMA-R5BR – Raider with OEM hard mount backrest
YMA-R5DB – Raider with OEM detachable backrest
YMA-R5CBR – Raider with Cobra backrest
YMA-R5CWBR – Raider with Custom World Int backrest
YMA-R5JDB – Raider with Jardine quick detach backrest
STKR-R1 – Star Stryker
STKR-R1BR – Star Stryker with OEM hard mount backrest
STKR-R1DB – Star Stryker with OEM quick detach backrest
STKR-R1CBR – Stary Stryker with Cobra backrest

Saddlebag Fitment

LW111 – All Yamaha models except Roadliner and Stratoliner
LW112 – All Yamaha models except V-Star 650 and Star Stryker
LW128 – All V-Star, Roadstar, Royalstar, Roadliner and Stratoliner


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