Types of Motorcycle Saddlebags

-Leather Motorcycle Saddlebags

These are the basic and most selling types of motorcycle saddlebags. Even though there is a large variety of saddlebags available in the market, riders come back to the traditional ways and get themselves leather saddlebags. Due to the waterproof and long-lasting qualities of these bags, it becomes easier for bikers to ride with them without having to fear about water damage.

-Harley Saddlebag

​These saddlebags are specially made for Harley Motorbikes. You can easily find a large variety of Harley Motorbikes in the market or online in a number of color variants. These saddlebags come in different shapes and sizes. They are mostly easy and ready to install with no adjustment to be made. Each Harley bike model has a different Saddlebag type. Therefore, it is always advisable to search for a saddlebags for the specific bike model to avoid problems.

​-Indian Scout Saddlebags

 Every true biker knows about the legendary Indian-Scout Motorcycle. It is a cruiser bike known as the best motorcycle ever made by some motorcycle enthusiast. Saddlebags for an Indian-Scout Motorcycle is also a must as, like any other bike, it also does not have space to carry luggage. Just like the Harley saddlebags, you need to search bags for Indian Scout bikes according to their model number. There is a large variety of bags available online you can choose from.

As a biker, your bike is your most prized possession and not every saddlebag is made for every bike. Don’t rush into buying a saddlebag as they may look small but are more important than you think. Choose wisely and fit them to your bike perfectly to make your motorcycle more amazing.


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