Motorcycle Saddlebags

Motorcycle Saddlebags have become a trend for all motorcycle riders these days. They are trendy, stylish and add elegance to any bike and to the rider himself. The bags are not just accessories, they are more of a necessity for the bikers as there is no space to carry any kind of luggage on the bikes. Saddlebags make the task easier and convenient

The saddlebags or modern panniers are normally attached on either side of the rear wheel and behind the seat. These saddlebags are fixed to the framework of the motorbike and are often known as the carrier.

The Saddlebags for bikes were first used by the military to carry important documents during wars. Motorcycles were used as a more affordable means of transport during the Second World-War. The bags were then made of woven material but with time, they got modernized and adapted the framework of animal saddlebags.

The bags are made and attached to the motorcycles in a way that they are easily detachable and can be used as a handbag or temporary shopping bags. If not sure what kind of saddlebag you want, take a look here Great Bike Gear


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