Turn Signal Relocation

If you’re a dedicated rider and you wish to mount a hard shell bag or the ordinary saddlebags on your motorcycle- you’ll have to relocate the turn signals. The process of relocating a rear turn signal isn’t that complicated provided you have all the necessary tools. There are different types of turn signal relocation kits, and you would want to pick an all-rounded set that will let you finish the work in time. To have a clue about some of the best kits out there, here is a comprehensive video on “Turn Signal Relocation Kits.”

Most motorcycle brands such as those from Indian Motorcycles comes with their own designs of saddlebags that will ensure easy mounting with the least tools possible. Depending on the type of luggage bag you want to install, the model of the motorcycle and the number of attachment points; all you’ll typically need varies with the ease of installation.


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