Motorcycle turn signals

Every motorcycle rider understands the importance of turn signals, especially when riding on a high-traffic lane. Drivers, cyclists, riders, and pedestrians all communicate using signs every time they’re sharing a public road. Motorcycle riders have unique signs and signals that they use to communicate either with the other riders or even motorists. Turn signals come in handy, especially when branching off the highway, overtaking or taking another lane for one reason or another.

With the emphasis on making the roads safe for all users, riders shouldn’t confuse hand signals and turn signals. While it’s a form of courtesy to wave back to a fellow rider, inappropriate switching between the use of turn signals and hand signals may not be a wise idea. One reason is that hand signals are varied and at times ambiguous, depending on the persons trying to have successful communication.
You may want to inform your fellow rider that the cops are down the road ready to award him a speeding ticket or maybe you want him to stop and help fix a clicking chain. The best way to pass such information would be to use hand signals, or using turn signals.


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