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I bought a motorcycle with speciality parts that needed to be replaced. Great Bike Gear helped me with that. Then a part rattled loose on a ride, they helped me replace that speciality part as well. Very friendly and helpful. Great customer service and fast shipping. Great company will purchase from them again and again.


A. Alves

I just wanted to personally thank Jon for his assistance in helping me figure out what kind of easy brackets that I had when I got a set of used saddlebag that had them on there. I needed the docking post and extra long bolts. Jon was very helpful and considerate.  After checking out the rest of the website this is a project that I will lose myself again in the future and I will be passing the word to friends at bike events about this great product. Regards Eddie



Easy Brackets

Honda VTX 1300 Retro with Hondaline Backrest 100% satisfied. Spoke with a rep and he knew the product, the application specs and exactly what I needed. Rec'd the brackets in 1 week which is great since shipping was free. Docking posts installed with no problem. Bracket to the bag was very easy. Hardest part was holding bag and marking at the same time. (2nd set of hands is great). Had to shim front docking post with 2 stainless washers but with the backrest bracket, I expected some shimming to be necessary. Brackets come on and off with the turn of the key. I need a stiffener plate inside of bag but that's it. Love the product, perfect fit, glad I did not go with Ghost Brackets. Easy Brackets are the way to go. I will email pics if you like. Thanks again.


Scott Green - Slatington, PA

Turn Signal Relocation Kit

I just installed you turn signal relocation bracket on my 06 Street Bob and I have to say I love it. It fit perfect which made it an easy installation. Thanks for a great product!

Scott Green - Slatington, PA

R. Ponicki

Turn Signal Relocation Kit and EB

I recently decided to install the turn signal relocation kit with a laid back license plate on my 2005 Sporty XL 1200. While I was at it I thought “What the hell” and got a set of easy brackets to put on as well. I still haven’t gotten any hardback bags but the brackets work just fine with the throw overs for now.

The instructions that come with the kit get you close, but most instructions are written to span multiple years of bikes so if you get confused just bring out the flashlight and take a close look at your bike.

Three things you should know before you start the install if you own a Sporty.

1. You are going to have to take the fender rail bolts off. (Do one at a time)

2. You are going to need a nail file.

3. You don’t need to splice your wires.

The instructions call for putting the bike up on a jack. This will give you more clearance and make it easier, but its not absolutely necessary. I don’t have a jack and it worked out just fine.

By far the most frustrating part of this project was getting the turn signal wire out of the Maxi plug. The maxi plug is what plugs into the brake light fixture. You are going to hear a lot of people tell you that you need a special tool to remove the wire and that you better take your scoot to the stealers. Bullshit!

If you look at the diagram above you will see that there is a trap door that opens on the bottom of the maxi plug. Swing that open. Now get out that “special tool” AKA $0.99 nail file. If you look in from the top of the plug you will see that there are two channels separating the wires that go into the maxi plug. Sweep in from the top of the maxi plug from back to front and pull up the latch holding the wire in place. Pull out the wire while you are doing this. The diagram shows someone going into the back of the plug with a needle to lift the latch. This will work also but is a little more difficult.

This project was a lot of fun and if you have never turned your own wrenches then this would probably be a good upgrade to start with. If you get stuck on some part of the install it is not going to affect the performance of the bike and you can just reverse whatever steps you took up to that point. Total time to install the relocation kit and brackets were about 3 hours using only basic hand tools.

R. Ponicki

Docking Post

Thank you very much for responding to my problems in the manner that you did. I received the new docking post's today, installed them with a little washer, and my vibration noise is all gone!!! I will be sure to tell all of my riding buddies how you stand behind your product. Feel free to use this letter, and to send me info on any new developments that come your way.

Louie Brttino - CA

Saddlebags and Easy Brackets

I almost screwed up and bought ghost brackets until I found your website. I installed them on a 1990 Fatboy and they came out better than I thought they would. They look great. Keep up the good work. T.K.

Thomas Ayjian in TX


Saddlebags and Easy Brackets

My 2002 Yamaha V-Start 650 Classic with LeatherConnection 2600 bags mounted with Easy Brackets.



Saddlebags Bracket

I recently needed a question answered before I made a decision about saddlebags brackets. A representative from Easy Brackets responded with my answer very quickly and professionally. the competition didn't respond! I ordered a set of Easy brackets. They were installed in less than 30 minutes and look great. Now I can measure and look for the bags I want. Thanks again. A great product!

Ron Garrison - OK

Replacement Stud

To whom it may concern: In August 2005 I returned home from Operation Iraqi Freedom for a 2-week break and sent an email to your company to see about the process of getting a replacement stud for one that I lost on a ride. Well, I returned back to the Middle East to finish my tour in late August and when I returned just a few days ago I found a package waiting for me with my mounting stud! A super company called Great Bike Gear sent the part on August 26th with a request to submit payment back to them. I thought that I would have to place an order and pay up front. Your company has great support for a quality product! I will preach about your product to anyone with a motorcycle. Outstanding service from you and your suppliers! Thank you so much for customer service, I wish more companies had the quality customer service that you have.

Many Thanks

Lance - Oliver, GA

License Plate / Turn Signal Kit

I just wanted to compliment you on your excellent customer service, and the very high quality of the product I ordered from you. From the phone call I made to ask which product was correct for my Harley, to the great looks of your license plate / turn signal kit, to the well-written instruction & installation video available online, you have exceeded my expectations. Thank you again for everything.


Easy Brackets and Saddlebags

We ordered easy brackets, saddlebags, and a few other items last week. I must express my appreciation for prompt service and a quality product. I will be sure to tell everyone (already told a few) about your website. Thaks for being customer orientated. You even checked to see if you had my saddle bags in stock - and you did - prior to ordering them. You called me back promptly and I placed the order.

Thanks again

Steve and Deb

Easy Brackets

My easy brackets came today. These are for a 2000 Victory V92SC. I would like to compliment you on having a sturdy and well-engineered product that fits just right and has excellent attaching hardware and security locks. It is also very nicely finished. As a matter of fact, even the packaging is top notch. The instructions are brief but have all the information that is needed. My appreciation for quality American design and engineering is entirely justified with this product.

Paul Schmolke - Santa Fe, NM

Easy Brackets

Great system. I have saddleman bags that were previously purchased for a Vulcan 2000 and never used and the easy bracket system was a perfect fit for my Harley Crossbones. Thanks guys.

Dennis - PA

Easy Brackets

Hi BOB! I met you at Yosemite Harley-Davidson in Merced. I think it's funny that you and your wife mentioned the Dyna outside and it happened to be mine. As I told you in the store, I am very happy with my easy brackets and my signal relocation kit.I would be happy to let others know about these wonderful products and I have when asked about them. If you think I can help you any other way, Then I'll be glad to.

Bryan - Merced, CA

Turn Signal Relocation Kit

Thanks for the reply. The order arrived at our house literally within 5 minutes of me sending that message to you. Sorry for the confusion, and thanks. I installed that turn signal relocation kit this afternoon, and it really looks great on the bike! Much better than the Harley Davidson product in my opinion. Have a great day and thanks again.



The new Hand Shields really work and they look great. I live in the Sierras of California where the weather gets down to the high teens and low 20’s. I have actually been able to wear my summer gloves since I installed the Hand Shields. They were very easy to install and I highly recommend them.

Jim Carney, Jamestown HD - Jamestown, CA

Keeping My Hands Warm

Thanks for the new Hand Shields. I ride with Soldiers for Jesus. We ride all year round and it can get very cold in the central valley of California. I have a 2008 Dyna with over 27,000 miles.

The Hand Shields really help keep my hands warm in the winter. They were very easy to install and they really look good on my bike. I think they look so good I will probably keep them on all year round.

Good job guys.

Randy (Gadget) Holden - Merced, CA


Easy Brackets

I recently purchased these for my Streetbob and had a friend help me install them. I'm very happy with the quality and just wanted you to know I will definately recommend them to my biker friends! Thanks.


Easy Brackets

I received my Easy Brackets for my Honda Magna and was so pleased how easy it was and how perfect they fit. It took me 10 Min. to install and another 15 to put my bags on. Awesome! Great product.

Patrick Seline

James P. Bootheel - MO

Very Satisfied Customer!

Hey guys, just wanted to say thanks for the EXCELLENT products! Had the rear turn signals relocated, and the Easy Brackets on in about 2 hours. Which sadly to say, was less time than it took me to get my floorboards mounted and angled just how I wanted them! Thanks again for the great products, and all your help answering my fitment concerns! I am attaching a couple of pictures of my bike, so you can see the finished product that I am SUPER SATISFIED with!

James P. Bootheel - MO

I highly recommend this product!

I bought my brackets a little over a year ago before I deployed overseas.  They are the most useful purchase I have made for my sporty.  I love how easily they installed and the convenience of being able to add or remove bags to my bike in seconds.

Just got back about a month ago and got a detachable backrest from the kids.  A welcome home gift.  Looking to upgrade my eb hardware to accomodate the backrest as soon as I am settled into a job.  I highly recommend this product.

Semper Fi

SSgt. Dan Nickason, USMC

Kawasaki 1500 Classic

After 3 years on the shelf I finally decided to instal my Easy Brackets. I am usually very organized but I misplaced the keys. After calling Easy Brackets I was told I would have replacement keys and cylinders in the mail for 20 bucks and some change. Most outfits would have ripped you off....but Easy Bracksts are a small California manufacturer that do business the old fashion way. The product is now on my bike an they work excellent! They are considerably heavier guage than most and will surely out last the bike. I have already sold a couple pairs to my friends. Thank you for putting out a great product and being a joy to deal with.

Jack - Champaign, IL

Harley Davidson Dyna Super Glide

I just installed my Easy Brackets on my Super Glide and I just wanted to say what a great product you have. Installation was super easy and the instructions provided were excellent. My bike looks great. Thanks Easy Brackets!!

Joe B - IL

Karen and Kenny Hill - VA Beach, VA

Deluxe Saddlebags & Easy Brackets

The brackets are awesome! My wife loves them on her 2009 HD Deluxe. She likes how good they look on the bike and how easy her bags come off with the clean look when the bags are removed. Your service was the best. Thanks again.

Karen and Kenny Hill - VA Beach, VA


Turn Signal Relocation Kit

Purchased your turn signal relocation kit with chrome plate frame. I have a 2004 Dyna Low Rider and wanted to put bags on. Tried the Harley factory relocation kit "JUNK" DO NOT BUY. I purchased Custom Chrome and it was slightly better. Called and ordered your kit and prayed that this would be the answer. Your kit is "PERFECT". The quality is #1 and the design works great with the look of the bike. The factory lights mounted exactly as they should. Your information packet has better information than the Harley shop manual and your information on saving the factory plug ends works perfectly , anyone can do this! Anyone with a Dyna and monuting bags , please make this your first consideration. Fast free shipping.

100% Satified Customer.


Desiree - Chandler, AZ

Stryker Saddlebags & Easy Brackets

I'm so happy to have Easy Brackets again for my Stryker. I had them for my first bike and loved being able to go from the convenience of having bags and then with a turn of a key having the option of having the clean cruiser look. They attach easily and securely to my bike with no worries. 

Desiree - Chandler, AZ

I purchased a set of your easy brackets.  I must say they are named correctly as they are very easy to install and make taking your saddlebags  the off from the bike easy while leaving it looking clean and neat..  Due to my own fault I broke one of the to keys that come with the brackets (not a manufacture defect).  I went to a few locksmiths to have some copies made and found that they did not have the blanks to reproduce the keys. I called your company to see if I could have a few sets sent to me.  Naturally I expected to have to pay for the replacement keys as damage was my fault.  To my surprise I was told that the keys would be sent to me at no cost.  Talk about customer service!  I felt the need to write this letter in appreciation of your companies policy of standing behind it's products.  Thank you very much for standing well above the norm in today's market.

Rick Vobis