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Options for The Leatherworks, Inc Saddlebags


Padlock post for The Leatherworks bagsPadlock post- This pad lock function is a small post that comes through the front of the motorcycle saddlebags allowing a small pad lock to be installed.

Pad lock is not included.


Key lock for The Leatherworks SaddlebagsKey Lockhis locking function is available on most Leatherworks leather motorcycle saddlebags with the box top lids, it won't work on saddlebags with a retro flap lid. There is a spring-loaded ratchet bar installed in the top of the saddlebags. It is fed into a small locking device in the face of the bag. When the key is turned the bag is securely locked. When the lock is not in use, the ratchet bar rests out of the way against the top of the bag.

Conchos and Spots

Conchos on The Leatherworks saddlebagsConchos- Slotted, round ornamental discs with leather rosettes and tassels. 

Spots on The Leatherworks saddlebagsSpots- Chrome studs around box lid

Spots and conchos on The Leatherworks saddlebagsSpots and Conchos

Bad boy spots on The Leatherworks saddlebags Bad Boy Spots- Matte black studs around box lid. 

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