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  • Designed to reduce the wind chill and keep your gloves dry in the rain, as well as provide protection from heat, rocks and flying debris. 
  • Allow plenty of clearance from the levers, even with heavy gloves. 
  • Provide maximum protection with the smallest possible shield. 
  • Constructed of high grade steel (with high quality black powder coating or chrome) for strength and durability.

The Motorcycle Hand Shields are not designed to keep your hands warm in extremely cold weather. Appropriate gloves should be worn based on weather conditions.

The Motorcycle Hand Shields are easy to install and mount to controls in minutes. Simply remove the mirrors, install the Hand Shields over the mirror mounting holes and reinstall the mirrors. No additional mounting hardware is required.

Customer Testimonials

The new Motorcycle Hand Shields really work and they look great. I live in the Sierras of California where the weather can get pretty cold. I have actually been able to wear my summer gloves when the weather is not extremely cold since I installed the Hand Shields. They were very easy to install and I highly recommend them.

Jim Carney, Jamestown HD, Jamestown, California



Thanks for the new Motorcycle Hand Shields. I ride with Soldiers for Jesus. We ride all year round and it can get very cold in the central valley of California. I have a 2008 dyna with over 27,000 miles.

The Motorcycle Hand Shields really help keep my hands warm in the winter. They were very easy to install and they really look good on my bike. I think they look so good I will probably keep them on all year round.

Good job guys.

Randy (Gadget) Holden

Merced, CA

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