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You bought one of the best bikes out there. It's unique and makes a statement just like you do. Now, you need the one attachment that will make your life complete. That one attachment is the Mounting System for The Deuce. It allows you to attach saddlebags to your bike quickly and easily.

One of the best features of this system is that there are no modifications required to attach it to your bike. It cleverly makes use of the existing bolts (no extra bolts are required) already on your bike. There's no drilling, welding or any of that to damage your bike. What's more? It hides behind the railing on your bike so it's virtually invisible to the casual observer. What's even better? Your tail lights get to stay in their standard location. That's right, they don't have to be moved! That allows you to maintain your bike's original appearance and still be able to attach saddle bags with ease.

Want more details? How about this - the system is made from sturdy 10 gauge steel and is in a high luster chrome finish. It easily blends into your bike. It's form fitting to the fender rail also so, again, there's no modification to your bike.

The best feature of this mounting system is that it's designed to be used with our unique Easy Brackets saddlebag mounting system.

Find out more about Easy Brackets.

Watch the Easy Brackets Installation Video. See how easy it is to use our system! 

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  1. Easy Brackets for Harley Davidson Deuce

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