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Note: Backrest Upgrade Kits are designed for the rider who already has purchased an Easy Bracket kit and is installing a new backrest. Each upgrade kit has the correct hardware to replace the existing hardware. Do not purchase a Backrest Upgrade Kit if you are a first-time buyer purchasing a kit designed to work with a backrest. The pictures of each kit are generic and do not necessarily represent the actual size or quantity of docking posts and bolts contained in each kit. Please contact us at 866-521-3024 if you need a complete hardware kit or have any questions. Most Easy Bracket backrest upgrade kits are easily mounted onto the motorcycle fender rail by replacing the existing Easy Bracket docking hardware with the hardware provided in each kit. The previously purchased Easy Brackets and saddlebags are then remounted onto the motorcycle. Legend BR = Backrest HB = Hard mount Backrest DB = Detachable Backrest

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