There’s snow on the ground or water is falling from the sky. Hand Shields keep your gloves dry in the rain.


The wind chill is 30 or below. Hand Shields are designed to reduce the wind chill, providing the maximum protection with the smallest possible shield.

Chrome universal Hand Shields for V-Twin motorcycles


It’s over a “comfortable” 90 degrees. Hand Shields provide protection from heat.

You ride where the road likes to fly up and greet your hand.
Hand Shields are constructed of high grade steel (with high quality black powder coating or chrome) for strength and durability.

Your new handlebars no longer give you the protection of the fairing. Hand Shields Allow plenty of clearance from the levers, even with heavy gloves.


With the recent additions of our universal set, Hand Shields fit most V-Twin motorcycles.


**The Motorcycle Hand Shields are not designed to keep your hands warm in extremely cold weather. Appropriate gloves should be worn based on weather conditions.