1. If the arm on the lock hits the docking post (not allowing the Easy Bracket to lock in place), follow these fitment steps: Remove the bracket from the motorcycle and loosen the docking posts. Install the bracket and slightly shake the bracket to align the docking posts. Retighten the docking posts with the bracket on the motorcycle. If the bracket is still not fitting properly, remove the bracket and apply a lubricant such as WD-40 to the slot of each docking post. Reinstall the Easy Brackets.

Easy Brackets, quick detachable saddlebags


2. The lock arm doesn’t have to swing all the way out to unlock the brackets. The locking mechanism is designed to only swing 45 degrees to open. The arm will hit the back of the bag. This is ok.


3. When mounting the brackets onto the back of your saddlebags, ensure the saddlebags are mounted high enough so as not to interfere with pipes, swing arm, axle nuts, axle nut covers, etc during the normal operation of your motorcycle. Keep in mind the fender will travel up and down as you are riding so allow for normal travel.


4. Make sure that saddlebag is mounted using all four holes in the bracket. Failure to do so can make the bag unstable and void any warranty.


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