Universal Hand Shields

Great Bike Gear is happy to announce the arrival of universal Hand Shields. This great product is intended for Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha Star, Triumph, Victory, and Indian.

Hand Shields are designed to reduce the wind chill and keep your gloves dry in the rain, as well as provide protection from heat, rocks and flying debris. Hand Shields allow plenty of clearance from the levers, even with heavy gloves, and provide maximum protection with the smallest possible shield. 

They are constructed of high grade steel for strength and durability.

Universal Hand Shields are available on greatbikegear.com or through an authorized dealer. They are available in black (MSRP $119.95) or chrome (MSRP $169.95).

Great Bike Gear is very excited to be adding to the aftermarket products available for V-Twin motorcycles.